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“Your pictures of our wedding blew everyone away. Nothing but extremely superlative feedback on your photography. Often shortly after our guests receive some or all of the pictures we're told how perfect the wedding was, but much of what formed that impression is the caliber of photography resurrecting the memory of that entire day in their head better than what their minds recorded with their own eyes that day.

Your expression, the way I read it, is that you just directed a 16 hour production involving coordinating multiple shoots (at least a dozen) both in advance and on the fly, really tight timing and maybe some difficult subjects to deal with, multiple photographers in multiple locations, not to mention your own shooting throughout the day, and you know very well that you nailed it which you certainly did. Judging from your other work, probably not an unfamiliar feeling to you.

These are damn good pictures, outstanding, and we're grateful.

-Doug & Adriana Simmons

“Our photographer – Lina Jang, You are the best! I cannot say enough. Photolina blew us away with her Soho engagement shoot. We are anxiously awaiting the results of the BIG day! Even the videographer commented about Lina’s artistic ability. Early in the day, when I saw how she had Melissa’s wedding dress hanging in the window with the sunshine and river shining through, I was overwhelmed with emotion.”

“Thank you for dropping off our wedding album yesterday in the terrible weather. We love it so much!! You're the best.”

Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

-Melissa and Adi Ben-Ishay
Baked by Melissa Cupcakes

“Dear Lina, You truly are a ninja! So impressive my dear :) Everyone was in love with our engagement shots and are now anxiously anticipating the wedding pictures. Pictures people took with their mobiles were amazing so I know your pictures will blow us out of the water! We’ll talk soon!

“I just looked at the preview and.....WOW!”

Warmest, XO
Kimberly & Gianluca

“Thank you so much for our fantastic wedding shots. You have provided us with an enduring memory of a wonderful day. There are so many shots that we just don't know which ones to put on the mantelpiece. I loved them all. Everyone we have shown them to has remarked on how natural we all look which was exactly what we wanted!”

-Jean and David McFarlane

“Dave and I just returned from our wonderful honeymoon on Maui and Kauai and I wanted to drop you a note saying thanks for all your work! You and the team were wonderful. Everyone was commenting on how our photographers were everywhere and we are going to have so many awesome pictures. We are so excited to see them and we are even happier we decided to hire you as our photographer. Thanks for everything!”

-Tina & Dave Moffet

“I cannot tell you enough how happy I am with the maternity shoot photos! They are so flattering. I can't believe how nice the white background looks. You are a creative genius.”

-Sheryl Tierney Finch

“I can't tell you how excited I am to see the photographs. Thank you SO MUCH for everything you did last Saturday. You and your assistant were everywhere and I'm sure captured every amazing moment. I know my parents were so impressed with how you orchestrated everything, from the photos in the bridal suite, to the family portraits, to the reception photos.

In addition, I want to make sure to cover you for the time you spent over and above the 10 hours stated in the contract, which I'm so appreciative of. Thank you!!!”

-Lisa & Chris Ballerini

“Joe and I just wanted to thank you for the wedding video. We loved how it turned out! It is definitely something that we are going to cherish. We can't stop watching”

-Grace and Joe Kravitz

“We used Lina Jang for both our engagement shoot and our wedding and thought that she did an amazing job with both. She was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and was accessible, professional, extremely organized and friendly. We also loved the amount of flexibility we had in both choosing the types of photos we wanted taken, the timing of everything, and the format we wanted them delivered. We opted to receive a DVD with our edited digital photos for both sessions and were very happy with the quality of the work and we received far more photos than she had guaranteed in the package.

In the end we are so happy that we chose to go with Lina and are very impressed with the quality of her work. It is clear that she loves her work, is a hard worker, and is very talented. We received everything that we were promised on time and we always had a lot of confidence that day of everything was going to turn out very smoothly. Finally, I think that the rates she charges are a very good value. We love our photos and look forward to having more shoots with her in the future.”

-Colin & Olga Trovato

“Thank you guys for capturing the true essence of our wedding! Our setup and crazy dim lighting gave you a challenge and you exceeded our expectations beyond belief. Your team is magic!”

-Margaret Ying Little

“Arthur and I cannot thank you enough for being a HUGE part of our special day! You and your entire team were incredible! Not only were you professional, but you were so friendly to all of our family and friends! The compliments are still coming in!

“Thank you so much for our beautiful photo! We cannot even express how much we and our family love them:)”

 -Shira & Arthur Schwartz

 “AMAZING!!! Enough said. My pictures were the best I have ever seen in a photographer. I am soooooooo very pleased. It was a pleasure to work with my photographers, I highly recommend them. They are all so talented.”

-Heather & Jacobson Barksdale

“I wanted to e-mail you and let you know how happy Joe and I were with your associates team. We truly enjoyed having them as our photographers. They were great! The wedding party loved them, the guests enjoyed them. They were professional, friendly, helpful & fun!

Thank you for your excellent customer service. When it is time to renew our wedding vows, we will be contacting you again. Until then... We will definitely tell everyone we know about you and your wonderful team!”

-Laura & Joe Henderson

“Lina Jang and her staff/photography assistants were fantastic from start to finish. She worked with me to discuss my ideas and what I wanted. They did not miss a moment throughout the whole day. They had great ideas.... they did the traditional shots as well as some very creative and unique shots. While they didn’t miss a moment, they were never obtrusive. In addition to their creativity, they were all extremely friendly, professional and made the day and picture taking fun. Lina Jang Photography was amazing!”

“Those stable shots are getting unbelievable reactions from everyone! I think it is something that shocks people as it's not commonly seen in the NY area and they came out beautiful.”

-Laura and Patrick Lupia

“Just going through old email and noticed I never replied. We picked up the album a few weeks back. We’re really happy with how everything turned out. We love the photos you took. If you ever want a reference from us, let us know!”

Dan and Lili Rubenstein


Lina Jang is an Indonesian-born, New York-bred photographic artist who loves Love. Over the last ten years, she has documented more than 600 weddings at locations as diverse as her clients’ cultures and traditions: The Mandarin Hotel on Columbus Circle, the beach at Hollywood’s Westin Resort, a family stone church on Long Island, a chuppah at downtown Battery Gardens, and even the darkened stage of a Broadway theater. She studied Fine Art Photography at the School of Visual Arts, and is as moved by the clean, crisp, sophisticated lines of Modernist design as she is by the warm tropical landscapes of Paul Gaugin. A Romantic in the ultimate sense, she offers an open heart and a keen eye: “Seeing you in the frame of my camera lens, it’s almost like reading a diary -- discovering and capturing your insights about the person you admire most. Connecting with my clients is an intimate experience, and it’s also one of my greatest joys.”

For Lina Jang photography borders and encompasses so many different genres of photography: fashion photography, event photography, and portraiture all rolled into one... which is why she loves it! She has studied them all, so she enjoys addressing those challenges. The bride’s dress laid out on the hotel room bed with her shoes glittering on the windowsill nearby -- that’s part fashion shot, part still life. For shooting a crowd scene from above, she might use a fish-eye lens, for instance, to converge them into a more intimate composition. And, of course, there’s also landscape photography in there, too! It’s all about creating an atmosphere.

Her first memory when she came to NYC at 11, is seeing all the lights from the buildings through the airplane window and thinking, ‘I am in a golden city.’ Adjusting from a tropical island to a city with different seasons every couple of months was hard, and she still misses it to this day. Her parents taught her to earn my own way, the value of independence, and to think for herself. She attended the School of Visual Arts on a Silas H. Rhoades scholarship. In high school, her mentors were Toby Heifetz and Ann Hunt Currier -- two amazing women who introduced her to art and photography and were a huge artistic influence on her. One was a painter who had an amazing emotional connection to the figure; the other was a photographer of such sensitivity, she could show you a whole Human Story in a single shot. 

When she was young, she liked to read National Geographic. Later, at SVA, she fell in love with b&w Modernism, the Fauves... you name it. She’s also fascinated by boudoir photography, and is pursuing that interest as well, on the side. But all brides are sexy in their own way! And they are classically beautiful, as seen in art history, as well.

She discovered her passion for wedding photography when she was 16 years old. While developing photos (old school, before digital!) in the darkroom at her LaGuardia High School, she had that “Ah-Ha” moment. The developing process felt magical and exciting... and always unpredictable. As for weddings, they are her life! She feels the frisson of energy between the bride and groom, not just while they’re waiting at the altar, but in the way they look at each other across a toast in a crowded room. She finds it so exciting that she celebrates being there. She says she needs to be there, since she truly believes in love at first sight.
She also believes in destiny, and with going with the flow of things, because life is constantly changing, and one can’t force it. She believes in the infinite facets of romance and spiritual connection, and she loves how they are manifested in unique ways, which is also what led her to wedding photography. She is a believer of tradition, adventure and the courage it takes to be ready for challenges. Ultimately, weddings are all those things -- a ritual on the verge of a new adventure in life.

When the eyes see what they have never seen before, the heart feels what it has never felt before.
–Balthasar Gracián 



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